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In response to: Marines on Cover of Magazine

Comment from: Melinda Hall [Visitor]  
Melinda Hall

I am fascinated with the Madden brothers. I heard that Albert made it back, married Helen, had children, and died years ago, but I don’t know about John and Walter. Do you have any idea how I can find out more about them?
Thank you!

03/29/16 @ 22:17

In response to: Perhaps the Ugliest Marine Corps Patch?

Comment from: Rabbi Paul [Visitor]
Rabbi Paul
5 stars

OMG! I had never seen this patch before. I only met Duke once (Railsback nickname) but I worked with his son for more than a decade. I would have never guessed the old boy was an artist. That is awesome! It is so ugly it is cute.

11/22/15 @ 08:58

In response to: The Marine Behind VMO-251's First Patch

Comment from: Patricia Browning [Visitor]
Patricia Browning
5 stars

That’s a photo of my dad. I don’t think I have ever seen this photo, but this was a pleasant surprise. He passed away last year at 96 years of age. We miss him terribly. I remember that patch. My nephew has a tattoo with a reproduction of the design. Thanks for the photograph.

07/08/14 @ 00:59